Online Unit Money-Earning Application

A unit must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application to the council at least two weeks prior to committing to your money-earning project.  Applications are not required for SHAC Popcorn or Scout Fair Coupon Book sales. Whenever your unit is planning a money-earning project, refer to the BSA's "Guides to Unit Money Earning Projects." Please read this document before submitting your online application as there is a question in the application about this document.  Understanding money earning guidelines will help you in the selection of your project.  Money earning projects help Scouts learn to pay their way.  All unit fundraisers or money-earning projects (except SHAC Popcorn Sales and Scout Fair Book Sales) must be approved by the council.  Questions:












The following leaders have read and understand BSA's "Guides to Unit Money Earning Projects" and agree to submit the following application: