Scouting for Food Contacts

The district Scouting for Food chair provides leadership to the district for the Scouting for Food campaign.


District Scouting for Food Chair
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Phone Number

Aldine Pathfinder    
Aquila  Walter Hyde 713-683-6500
Arrowhead Frances Walker
Ana Diaz 
Arrowmoon Timmie Smith 979-219-2828
Big Cypress Betsy Burg 512-914-0587
Brahman Kayla Wampler 979-488-1280
Brazos Sandra Luckett 281-794-7092
Copperhead Brenda Wong 281-301-5512 
David Crockett Donna Reyes 979-865-2911
Flaming Arrow Gareth Young 832-412-6953
George Strake Stacey Aikman 936-828-9361
Iron Horse Tricia Chapela 832-454-9535
Mustang Marcel Karolyn 713-876-6276
Orion David Dunbar 512-699-8402
Phoenix Patricia Keo 832-277-2428
Raven Gina Hullum 632-605-8684
San Jacinto Beanye Mrozinksi 713-859-6457
Skyline Mike Buckles 713-882-9356
Soaring Eagle Justin Ryan 713-594-1054
Tall Timbers Eli Kiefaber 937-689-2482
Texas Skies Michael Justilian 713-203-4252
Thunder Wolf Elizabeth Hendrie 713-203-9490 
Twin Bayou Christopher Grey 713-702-9099
W.L. Davis    

Council Scouting for Food Committee

Council Scouting for Food Chair Susy Weaver  
Scouting for Food Registration Donna Burke 713-756-3398
Scouting for Food Staff Adviser Brendan Cronin 713-756-3308