Scout Fair

Scout Fair

April 6, 2019

NRG Arena

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Scouts and the entire family will enjoy visiting hundreds of booths with fun activities and crafts, learning Scout skills, meeting new friends and tasting the delicious outdoor cooking. Meet leaders and Scouts from your neighborhood. Sample the amazing dutch oven creations and other delicacies in the outdoor cooking area. Watch demonstrations, interact with participating booths from our community partners and pick up free offers.


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Scout Fair is open to the public and is free; NRG parking is typically $12. There are hundreds of activities at Scout Fair that the entire family will enjoy. Packs, troops, crews, ships and posts from around the council set up interactive booths to show our community what Scouting is all about, and to share Scouting skills with fellow Scouts and Scout leaders. Booths have typically included crafts, games, rope making, orienteering, obstacle courses, first aid activities, art, hobbies, gardening, leatherworking, music, nature activities, outdoor cooking, rope bridges, putt-putt golf, catapults and much more. Scouts and parents work together to set-up and run the booth. For more information regarding booth registration, ideas and rules and regulations, please refer to the leader informationBring comfortable walking shoes and your camera. Share your Scouting memories with us on social media and remember to tag the Sam Houston Area Council

Plan your day to capture the many activities at Scout Fair:

  • Indoor booths -  Visit hundreds of fun, hands-on activities and crafts
  • Outdoor booths - Sample dutch oven creations and other camp food delicacies
  • Scouting resource booths - Receive information about the council’s exciting programs
  • Scout Shop - Shop for all of your Scouting needs
  • Fleet - Sea Scouts demonstrate their unique boating opportunities

The Conservation Corner has exhibitors from a variety of businesses, non -profits and city, state, and federal agencies that display information and hands-on activities related to the natural sciences, resource stewardship, and animal science. learn how to have fun in the outdoors while offering service opportunities and ideas to help manage our resources for future generations. Areas of interest on display:

Geology and Natural Resources featuring fossil and mineral identification and hunting, gold panning, conventional and renewal energy exhibits, forestry and an opportunity to have your picture taken with TRex or Smoky Bear.

Area Parks and Museums featuring program and service opportunities as well as live snakes, insects and other critters.

Aquatic Ecology featuring Fishing’s Future Aquatic Ecology Arena with touch tanks with live marine critters, casting area to catch plastic fish, fishing knot tying as well as the ability to work on parts of A Bear Goes Fishing Elective, Fly Fishing, Fish and Wildlife Management, Soil and Water Conservation, Oceanography and Kayak Merit Badges.

The STEM areas feature demonstrations and hands-on activities related to some of the latest exciting developments in science and engineering as well as often overlooked technology that makes modern life possible. Exhibits include demonstrations on robotics, astronomy in the portable planetarium, welding, etc. The University of Houston Atmospheric Science truck will also participate in two instrumented balloon launches from their research instrumented truck. It also offers an opportunity to learn about careers in related areas.

Scout Fair coupon books are a brilliant way for units to raise money and prepare Scouts to earn their own way! The Scout Fair coupon book offers great savings for the buyer, while Scouts earn commissions for every $10 coupon book purchased. Buyers support the Scouting program while receiving hundreds of dollars in valuable savings from partners such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Buffalo Wild Wings, Luby's, Fuddruckers, Houston Dynamo/Dash the Houston Astros and many more. All units receive a 30% base commission for each $10 Scout Fair coupon book sold, for funds turned in on or before April 6, 2018. Participate at Scout Fair with a booth and earn an additional 10% commission. Units can also take advantage of early bird turn-in dates offering 5%, 3% and 1% additional bonus commissions. In addition, your Scouts will qualify for prizes once they sell 15 coupon books. Please refer to the Scout Fair prize brochure for prizes and sales levels. 

Sign up to Sell Coupon Books       Turn-in Locations        District Contact

Coupon Book Store Front Selling

Coupon book booths are direct sales opportunities which generally are located at retail stores, businesses, organization sponsored events, farmers markets, sporting events, or parking lots where units have permission to set up a table/booth to sell Scout Fair to the public. Booth sales are a joint responsibility; parents and Scouts should be included in planning, decision-making, and participation. Scout Fair coupon book booths help Scouts:

  1. Discover - by setting goals and seeking locations that would be beneficial to meet their goal;
  2. Connect - by establishing communications to business managers and obtaining permission to hold a booth sale; and
  3. Take action - by building confidence in themselves and their abilities, as they meet people, communicate effectively, and inspire others, discuss goals, deliver the Scout Fair message and make a difference in the world.

Scout Fair coupon book booths also help Scouts expand their sale goals and encourage them to go beyond friends and family for making sales. Before contacting a business, read the coupon book booth selling guidelines at businesses.

2018 Coupon Book Booth Selling Guidelines

Kroger Booths

Kroger managers allow units to sell Scout Fair coupon books in front of their stores. Units must register to reserve a time and location. Do not contact the store manager. Read the Kroger coupon book booth selling guidelines before registering. The registration link will be posted on Facebook.  

  • Kroger booths will be scheduled in four-hour blocks.
  • Each unit will be permitted up to four Kroger booths during the initial registration period.
  • Units who do not follow this policy will have their registration deleted.
  • After February TBD at 12:01 am, units can register for additional booths; be courteous to other units.

Units can sell coupon books at other locations given they have permission from store management and follow the store rules and regulations and the coupon book booth selling guidelines. 

Kroger Booth Sign-up (opens February TBD)



Scouts that attend Scout Fair, participate at Scout Fair or sell Scout Fair Coupon Books will receive a participation Scout Fair participation patch. Unit leaders will receive the participation patch from their district professional at Scout Fair.  The unit leaders will distribute the patches to participants. Scouts who sell 15 Coupon Books will receive a super salesman patch, and can choose from many awesome prizes.

Scouts earn one point for every Coupon Book sold. Points are available in denominations of ten, five and one. If a Scout accumulates less than the 15, the points can be redeemed at the Winner’s Circle at Scout Fair only. Prizes in the Scout Fair prize brochure begin at the 15 prize point level; points expire August 31, 2018. Points do not have cash value. Combining of sales between Scouts for prizes is not allowed. Consult your district Coupon Book chair for turn-in procedures.

Weekly Drawings

Scouts who sell 15 Coupon Books will receive the super salesman patch and will be entered into the weekly drawing. A total of 10 weekly drawings are held every week between February 3 – April 14, 2018. Scouts can enter multiple times to increase their chances of winning. The weekly drawing entry is located on the money turn-in envelope. Winners will be posted on our Facebook page. Drawing prizes will be distributed at Scout Fair.

Bonus Prize: 219 Level

All Scouts that reach the 219 bonus level will be invited to participate in Scout Fair Top Seller Party, a special celebration event held at Scout Fair where the top three council sellers will be announced. Also, at the celebration, all 219 bonus winners will receive a game experience voucher from Houston Dynamo/Dash. The voucher includes two tickets (one Scout, one adult) to a Houston Dynamo home game • Pre-game experience (watching field side warmups, high fiving players in the rally tunnel, US flag ceremony, color guard, etc. subject to availability).



There will be a special celebration for all 219 bonus prize winners at Scout Fair; however, the names of the winners must be submitted below by April TBD, 2019 to be recognized at Scout Fair. The deadline to submit all bonus prize winners is April 6, 2018. Bonus prizes are subject to availability after April TBD, 2019, and are not guaranteed. SHAC reserves the right to substitute this bonus prize for an equal or greater value prize after this deadline date has passed. 

Submit Bonus Prize Winners


Every pack, troop, team, crew, ship and post is encouraged to host a booth at Scout Fair. This is your opportunity to show our community what Scouting is all about, and to share your Scouting skills with fellow Scouts and Scout Leaders. The planning and teamwork involved in booth participation provides great fun and learning opportunities. Participate at Scout Fair, with a booth and earn an additional 10% commission when registered by March 31, 2018. Turn in your funds by early bird bonus dates and earn additional commissions.  The prize brochure features prizes for various sales levels. Scouts who sell at least 218 Scout Fair coupon book bonus level will receive an additional bonus.

Selling Scout Fair coupon books not only sustains the Scout Fair event and other council programs, it also provides a great fundraising opportunity for your unit and prepares Scouts to earn their own way. Each coupon book sells for only $10 but offers $100's in savings. When Scouts sell 15 or more coupon books, they'll earn the Super Salesman patch, qualify for entry in weekly drawings and earn great prizes from the Scout Fair coupon book prize brochure. All units receive a 30% base commission for each $10 Scout Fair coupon book sold, with funds turned in on or before April 6, 2019.

A variety of resources are available for leaders:

      Coupon Book Turn-in Locations    District Contact     Coupon Books     Resources    Contacts



Scout Fair Booths

Every pack, troop, crew, ship, and post is encouraged to participate in Scout Fair. Units that participate at Scout Fair with a booth earn an additional 10% commission on Scout Fair coupon book sales. Units must register for a booth by March 31, 2019. 

Every unit is encouraged to sponsor a booth at the fair. This is your opportunity to show our community what Scouting is all about and to share your Scouting skills with fellow Scouts and Scout leaders. In the past, booths have included craft stations (Cub Scouts), rope making (Scouts), orienteering (Venturing), and law enforcement (Exploring). Keep it simple and fun. By involving all the Scouts and parents in your unit, booth preparation and set-up, manning and take down can be shared to keep it simple and make it fun. Each unit hosting a booth will receive a ribbon.

Booth Registration

The unit leader needs to register the booth by March 31, 2019. To receive the additional 10% commission for booth participation, units must be registered by March 31, 2019.  

Unit Booth Registration (opens in January)

Booth Set Up: Booths are set up on Saturday, April 6, 2018, from 6:00 - 10:00 am. Booth assignments will be posted on council Facebook page no later than Thursday before Scout Fair.

Booth Breakdown: Booths must remain until 3:00 pm, even if you run out of supplies. When one unit begins to tear down early, other units follow. This is disrespectful to the participants who may not have had a chance to visit all the booths. No exceptions will be made. Place trash in receptacles before leaving. For more information regarding booth rules and regulations, please refer to the Scout Fair booth safety guidelines. For questions, contact your district Scout Fair chair or district executive

 Booth Safety Guidelines       2018 Booth Planning Ideas

Indoor Booths: Indoor booths are free, and are available in two sizes (10'x10' or 10'x20'). Booths will have drapery hung from aluminum tubing. The booths have 8' high drapery across the back and 3' high drapery on the sides. If an activity is too large for a booth, an indoor activity area can be requested (20'x20'). Indoor activity areas have twine tied to 3' high stanchions to define the area. For more information, read the safety guidelines. 

Chairs can be rented for $5 each and 6-foot tables for $15; these must be pre-ordered when registering for a booth. Units may bring tables and chairs. Tables and chairs will not be available for rent the day of the event. All materials must be carried; trailers are not be allowed inside. Bring dollies or wagons to carry supplies. Electrical outlets are available for $110 per single outlet (indoor booths only). These outlets are 115 - VAC, 10 amp circuits and will not handle coffee pots or hot plates. Electricity must be ordered when signing up for a booth. 

Outdoor Booths: Outdoor booths are free, and are available in one size (20'x20') on pavement. Bring sandbags to hold down canopies; stakes or spikes cannot be used on the pavement. All fires must be in elevated fireplaces. Cooking areas will be designated. Bring your own chairs and tables. For more information, read the safety guidelines. 

Scout Fair Booth Judging

Units are encouraged to decorate their booth or demonstrate an activity based on this year’s theme.  The top booths reflecting this theme will be recognized with a unique ribbon.  

Medical Forms

Adult leaders in charge of exhibits must bring an Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A & B for all Scouting events) for each person attending Scout Fair.


Scout Fair Dates

January 24, 2019 Scout Fair Kickoffs
January 25, 2019 Scout Fair coupon book sales begins
March 7, 2019 Deadline to turn-in coupon book sales for 5% bonus commission. Consult your district website for turn-in locations.
March 28, 2019 Deadline to turn-in coupon book sales for 3% bonus commission
March 31, 2019 Deadline to sign-up for a booth to receive 10% participation commission
April 1, 2019 Deadline to turn-in coupon book sales for 1% bonus commission
April 6, 2019 Scout Fair set-up, 6:00 - 10:00 am.  All booths must be set up by 10:00 am.
April 6, 2019 Scout Fair, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm; deadline to receive full commissions on all sales
April 6, 2019 Scout Fair tear-down, no earlier than 3:00 pm


Scout Fair Prizes / Coupon Book Forms

  • Prize brochure
  • Turn-in envelopes
  • Unit coupon book sales record form (unit tracking in Excel)
  • Unit coupon book pack sales record (.pdf)
  • Unit coupon book sales record form (in Word)
  • 219 Bonus Prize - Elite Salesman RSVP (for Scouts who sell 219 Coupon Books) 

Scout Fair Coupon Book Booth

Scout Fair Booth 

Promotional Article

2019 Scout Fair

April 6, 2019  |  10:00 am - 3:00 pm  

The Sam Houston Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is hosting Scout Fair on April 6, 2019. Scout Fair is free of charge and open to the public. Scouts of all ages converge to showcase their Scouting skills. Families will enjoy visiting hundreds of interactive booths. Sample the amazing dutch oven creations and other delicacies in the outdoor cooking area. Enjoy live entertainment on the center stage. Watch demonstrations, and interact with booths from our community partners...pick up free offers. The kids will enjoy many fun activities and crafts. Bring comfortable shoes and your camera. The event is being held at NRG Arena from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm; NRG parking is typically $12.

El Consejo del Área de Houston Sam, Boy Scouts of America está organizando la Feria Scout, el 6 de abril de 2019. Feria Scout es gratis y abierto al público. Scouts de todas las edades convergen para mostrar sus habilidades de scouts. Las familias disfrutarán visitando cientos de puestos interactivos. Traten las sorprendentes creaciones del horno holandés y otras delicias en el área de cocinar al aire libre. Disfruten de entretenimiento en vivo y demostraciones de nuestros socios de la comunidad...include do las ofertas gratis. Los niños podrán disfrutar de muchas actividades divertidas y artesanías. Traigan zapatos cómodos y su cámara. El evento se llevara a cabo en NRG Arena de 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Se aplican cargos de aparcamiento en la zona.


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District Contacts  / Coupon Book Turn-in Locations

Note: Check the district website for additional turn-in dates and locations.

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January 25, 2018
March 7, 2019, Turn-in
(5% bonus commission deadline)
March 21 2019, Turn-in
(3% bonus commission deadline)
April 1, 2019, Turn-in
(1% bonus commission deadline)
Aldine Pathfinder   Alma Watson          
Aquila  Paula Burns          
Arrowhead Valerie Throgmorton          
Arrowmoon Luis Guzman          
Big Cypress Angela Teague          
Brahman Stephanie Hajovsky          
Brazos Janet Potts          
Copperhead Jen Hunt          
David Crockett  Tim Perkins          
Flaming Arrow Jeff Hammonds           
George Strake Bill Pierucci          
Iron Horse Elizabeth Doyle          
Mustang  Rob Bartlett        
Orion Karolyn Willis          
Phoenix Sarah Matthews           
Raven  Angie Broussard          
San Jacinto  Beanye Mronizski        >  
Skyline David Williames          
Soaring Eagle Kim Ho          
Tall Timbers Therese Wind          
Texas Skies Amy Kagay           
Thunder Wolf John Pyle           
Twin Bayou Albexandra Ageitos          
W. L. Davis Tamekia Johnson          




Coupon Books Unit leader or district Scout Fair representative
Prizes Unit leader or district Scout Fair representative
Scout Fair participation patches Unit leader or district Scout Fair representative
Unit Booth Registration Donna Burke







Tony Hensdill  
Council Coupon Book Sales
 Coupon Book Information
 (713) 756-3374

Donna Burke
Unit / Council Booth Sign Up
 Booth Information
 (713) 756-3398

Nathan Doherty
Community Exhibitors
 (713) 756-3308

Brandon Lewis
Scout Fair Professional Staff Advisor
 (713) 756-3319



Please note: By attending or participating in district or council events, you give permission for your photograph to be used to promote Scouting, Scouting recruitment and/or donations/solicitation flyers.